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Jovoy – World’s Most Luxurious Perfumerie

Jovoy’s boutique near the Place Vendôme is a grande parfumerie that showcases rare, limited-edition and exclusive perfumes. Tucked under the timeless arcades, the boutique is opulent and extravagant, also disconnected from around in the most subtle way. You might get a feeling that you’ve been trapped in the shaded luxurious cave located in rue de Castiglione, a much […]

Techno Where You At?

The most comprehensive coverage of the techno scene from the most profound connoisseur of the genre today Salvo Bucca, perfect collocutor at a perfect time.  A man who has listened to more music, attended more live sets, then most of the BPM festival ticket holders all together, on the sunny days, to just clear that […]

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